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Wave is looking for a Logistics Coordinator to begin induction in February and take over at the end of the month. The role is based in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and will require you to oversee and manage all aspects of supplying the centre with the necessary goods to keep our operations up and running. Tasks of the logistics coordinator include going to markets, bakeries, shops and the warehouse to manage and coordinate the stock of materials. You’ll be using accounting software to manage and keep track of the organisation’s expenses. As a logistics coordinator, you’ll also be managing the daily organisation and running of the community centre. You will also be responsible for managing a team of approximately 10 volunteers alongside three other coordinators. As coordinator, your presence in the centre will be very important to manage the volunteer team, organise and ensure all tasks are completed in preparation for distribution, and act as the central contact person for all things related to the building and property of WAVE.

Start Date: February 2023. There will be an initial 3-week handover period during this time which will be unfunded, the role will officially begin starting March 2022.
Minimum Commitment: 6 months.

Key responsibilities:
Responsible for logistics tasks and overseeing all aspects of supplying the centre
Ensure that the daily operations of Wave Thessaloniki run smoothly
Manage and keep track of expenses using accounting software
Coordinate distributions alongside the other coordinators, and occasionally alone on their days off.
Managing and/or signposting of particularly vulnerable cases or emergencies (e.g. unaccompanied minors).
Maintaining good relationships with partner organisations and forging new ones.
Managing the team of volunteers, including assisting the other coordinators in volunteer inductions and check-ins, organising kitchen training for new volunteers to become familiar with the project and the various tasks, be available and ready to mediate any potential conflicts amongst the team.
Ensure that safeguarding measures are understood and met.
Managing any issues related to the building or other property of the project e.g liaising with local actors to sort out any potential plumbing or electrical issues, liaising with donors and other actors to facilitate and improve the services offered.


● Fluency in English.
● Experience in working with people-on-the-move/refugees or in a similar field of working with vulnerable people.
● Ability to stay in Greece for 6 months or beyond.
● Drivers’ licence, ability to drive manual, and willingness to drive a van.
● Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
● Good prioritisation and organisational skills
● Excellent understanding of, and ability to maintain, appropriate boundaries with the people that we serve.
● Ability to work in a team, excellent communication skills for regular meetings with the team and fellow coordinators.
● Experience managing a team. Experience with mediation and conflict resolution preferred.


● Fluency in Greek or some knowledge of the Greek language.
● Knowledge of Farsi, Arabic or French is also useful.
● Experience in organising and leading distributions.
● Experience working in a kitchen environment, ability to cook is desirable.
● Experience working with accounting software

What we can offer:

●. A monthly stipend of €500.
●. The opportunity to work in a diverse team comprised of international volunteers and members of the community we are serving.
●. A unique, practical learning experience and the space to put forward and develop new ideas to improve the services offered.

If you are interested please send an email with your CV (including at least two references) and a motivation letter to

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