January 2024 Monthly Report

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In January 2024, we at Wave served 2,634 hot meals, welcomed 23 new arrivals, distributed 491 clothing items, 13 sleeping bags and 761 hygiene items, ran 100 showers, charged 207 phones and power banks, and washed 57 loads of laundry. In the past month, we supported 78 people detained in Pre-Removal Detention Centres with clothing, hygiene items and coffee.


A Busy January

During the first month of 2024, we have seen a rise in the number of people visiting our community centre. This is both a combination of an increase in new arrivals to Thessaloniki in addition to a number of people being released from pre-removal detention facilities. The cold weather has also played a part in this noticeable increase as the temperatures in January have dropped to below freezing during the night. For many of our community members, Wave offers a space to relax, enjoy a coffee and a hot meal after spending the night in difficult, precarious and harsh living conditions and situations.


Team Changes

At the beginning of January we said goodbye to our Operations Coordinator Miriam- we thank you Miriam for your hard work, commitment to the project and wish you the very best in your new adventures. Thankfully a few weeks ago we warmly welcomed our new Operations Coordinator Emily. Emily has gained a plethora of experience working in Lesbos with Movement On The Ground and previously with UNHCR in Geneva. We look forward to working with Emily, navigating new challenges and bringing new insights in our centre!


Birthday Celebrations

This month we celebrated our community volunteer Omar’s birthday! We decorated the centre and celebrated with cakes and sweets which we enjoyed all together. We thank you Omar for your patience, calmness, creative cooking and the energy you bring to the centre. Happy birthday Omar!

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