In May 2023, we at Wave served 1649 hot meals, welcomed 58 new arrivals, distributed 1003 clothing items, 12 sleeping bags and 689 hygiene items, ran 218 showers, charged 328 phones and powerbanks, and washed 159 loads of laundry.



Recently we have experienced a notable decline in donations of items like t-shirts, backpacks and hygiene products. We rely on donations to distribute material supplies both at our centre and to meet the growing demands from people detained in  Pre-Removal Detention Centres. Although media attention may be directed elsewhere, the situation for people-on-the-move in Greece remains difficult, who lack access to essential services due to their documentation status. Given that we are the only organisation in the city that does not require documentation, it is crucial that we can fill this gap and provide people with basic material needs. Additionally, we are experiencing a rise in the number of new arrivals to our centre and are struggling to provide all the necessary supplies.



This month marked some changes within the coordination team as Nina, who has been a coordinator since September 2022, recently left. Thank you for your support and all the cooking! Although we’ll all miss you loads, we’re excited about your new chapter and wish you all the best! As we say goodbye to Nina, we are delighted to have Charaf join as a coordinator, who has been an integral part of the project ever since it was started in 2020. We’re happy to have him now on the coordination team!



The upgrade of the Greek Asylum Service database, “Alkyoni,” caused a complete halt in asylum procedures throughout Greece throughout the month of May. Asylum Services employees were unable to access the database and electronic files of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of protection which resulted in the postponement of crucial services such as application registration, and document processing for refugees. The suspension of registration and the inability to issue identification documents not only prevented people from accessing essential services but also, more alarmingly, left people undocumented, putting them at risk of detention and pushback.



The requests for prison packages from people in Paranesti and Xanthi detention centres continue to increase. Many people describe the support within the camps as lacking, with insufficient food and limited access to hygiene items. In May, we provided basic clothing, hygiene items and coffee to 81 individuals. Sending these packages typically costs us between four and seven Euros in postal fees. As a result, our monthly expenses have significantly risen, and we are seeking immediate funding to sustain this crucial service, as no other organisation in Northern Greece currently offers similar material support.

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