April 2024 Monthly Report


In April 2024, we at Wave served 4,112 hot meals, distributed 581 clothing items, 12 sleeping bags and blankets and 868 hygiene items, ran 114 showers, charged 270 phones and powerbanks, and washed 106 loads of laundry.


As the weather warms in Northern Greece, April has been another eventful month for us at Wave. In the midst of April we welcomed a visit from our donors Haella Foundation who stopped by and visited the community space. We further strengthened our collaboration with the wonderful IHA who supported us in recent weeks by sending volunteers from their team to assist with our operations.


Eid celebrations

On the 10th of April we celebrated the festival of Eid al-Fitr – a very special occasion that marks the end of Ramadan and a significant moment in the Islamic calendar. Arriving early at the centre that day, our volunteers began preparing special and traditional dishes such as lamb tagine, fatteh salad, flatbreads and soups. Our menu was filled with treats from burek, North African sweets such as briwat, tamina and even homemade cupcakes by our dedicated volunteers. It was a special moment being able to host Eid indoors once again, with our community coming together to celebrate this festive occasion. These festivities would not have been possible without the generosity of donations. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making Ramadan and Eid celebrations not only possible, but special.


Our 4th Birthday

This month we celebrated our 4th birthday! Taking a moment to reflect on these four years, we are proud of how our project has grown and adapted in order to fill critical service provision gaps for people-on-the-move in Thessaloniki. Through collaboration with our community, various organisations, donors, founders and volunteers, Wave continues to create a community space that moves beyond material aid – our community centre is a place where people can relax, access support and feel welcomed; it is a tangible space of solidarity that holds firm in the belief that everyone, regardless of background, deserves the freedom to move. On our 4th birthday we thank everyone who has supported us this far and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays!

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